We exist to …
Envision a better world
Help organizations create meaningful impact
Solve unthinkable problems

The stone mosaic bearing the title of Lennon's song: Imagine. Located in New York City’s Central Park. Imagine solving unthinkable problems.

We Believe

Our beliefs guide the work we do,
the way we partner and the impact we aspire to achieve.

Thinking big creates meaningful impact

unthinkable helps organizations develop a bold vision that begins with framing the right problem to create impact to the power of 10.

Your ‘WHY’ guides everything you do

unthinkable helps organizations define their purpose to authentically guide their aspirations and align their people and customers.

Individual creativity unleashes bold outcomes

unthinkable guides individuals through a creative process to develop inspired solutions by encouraging them to push beyond their comfort level.

Diverse thinking uncovers hidden solutions

unthinkable brings differing experience and broad viewpoints to help organizations challenge the status quo to achieve better results.

People innovate better together

unthinkable brings together collaborative partnerships to solve significant social issues in health and well-being, education and sustainable agriculture.

Quality sets you apart

unthinkable designs human experiences, products and solutions that address end-user needs and sets high standards of excellence and sustainability.

People advance lasting change

unthinkable fosters innovation by creating active learning cultures that empower people.

The right disruptive technologies are assets

unthinkable links everyday needs with technologies to deliver immediate benefits and lasting impact for people.

How we work

To create meaningful impact we …
Lead with a human-centric approach
Embrace diverse perspectives
Turn disruptive technologies into assets
Connect like-minded organizations
Respect financial discipline

Our Values

To create meaningful impact, our values drive how we work.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

We are passionate about our mission. Our work is a calling that compels us and is gratifying enough to spend time away from our families.

Integrity is honesty in action

Truth matters. Truth emerges from people with different perspectives engaging honestly, then action follows. For us, success doesn’t count unless we’ve earned it honorably.

Yes, you can

Be part of the solution not part of the problem. We believe in being positive, facing challenges head-on and seeking solutions to every issue.

No assholes

We work with people we admire and enjoy—people who put empathy above the need to be right.

No Bull Shit

We strive to be authentic, humble and transparent in our daily interactions. We know ourselves and don’t overstate or embellish.

Own it

Although we work in collaborative teams, everyone must be responsible for delivering their part. When we take on a role, we own it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

It takes courage to pursue bold goals, as well as discipline and hard work to deliver on our promises. We are tenacious, but we never underestimate fluffy, white bunny rabbits.

Work smart—Enjoy life

We work insanely hard and strive to make the most of every minute. Our energy comes from placing high importance on family and health.

We choose to move beyond the logical and the obvious to challenge the unthinkable. unthinkable works with organizations to create a lasting impact on some of our planets largest social issues. For us this is more than doing right for today; it’s about creating an extraordinary tomorrow for our children.

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unthinkable works with organizations and communities to tackle complex, thorny challenges. We ideate, innovate, initiate and implement solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

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