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Bridging the gap between profit and purpose

unthinkable believes all organizations can have greater positive impact on social and sustainability issues while improving efficiency and building brand. We work with companies from mid-markets to the Fortune 500 to develop, launch and improve responsibility programs.

To amplify your impact, unthinkable aligns the purpose of your organization (the “why”) with your responsibility program. We design genuine, achievable corporate responsibility strategies, linked to your offerings, that engage external stakeholders and employees. To do this, we review existing programs, and realign them with a clear focus. We connect the dots across strategic philanthropy, your value chain and, where possible, transform business models for zero to positive impact. To clearly articulate outcomes, unthinkable designs a framework and processes to capture the information to tell your story.

We connect like-minded organizations because we believe enterprises and civil society must work together to tackle the unthinkable problems facing the world. We help organizations define and refine joint goals and strategies to solve challenges. We team with your organization and partners to design and align programs into an actionable roadmap. During program execution, we look for opportunities to unlock additional value, bring together cultures in mutual support of goals and mitigate challenges that slow progress.

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In Central Florida, positioning the region towards a digital future was a bold undertaking.

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For a National Sport Governing Body, defining priorities and aligning diverse groups to operate optimally was paramount to financial success and the sport.

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A vision and five-year strategy to embrace diversity of ethnicity, race, vocational path and denomination, was launched for sustainable growth.


A digital platform allowing individuals and organizations to gain access to world-class training with a comprehensive toolkit to track and manage progress at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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