unthinkable is a design and strategy firm committed to solving organizations’ unthinkable problems. We take a human-centered approach to challenges and brings diverse perspectives to foster innovative thinking. To speed progress and increase the impact of solutions we design partnerships to affect change. We apply digital technology and financial discipline in ways that unlock value for the organization and society.

Customer Experiences

Customer expectations eclipse their experiences.

Leading organizations understand “how” they deliver to their customers is as important as “what” they deliver. So why doesn’t every organization look at the world through their customers’ eyes? Often organizations interact with customers in a series of fragmented touchpoints instead of a progression that adds up to a customer’s journey. unthinkable helps you see the entire journey from your customer’s perspective.

We break down the customer journeys from pre-purchase to post delivery and evaluate how well touch points meet their needs.  Focusing on the most important touch points, we bring human-centered design practices and digital expertise to help envision a better customer experience. We strive to make experiences simple, seamless and engaging. Throughout the process, we align your organization, processes and people to deliver the new customer experience.


Impact and Responsibility

Bridging the gap between profit and purpose.

unthinkable believes all organizations can have greater positive impact on social and sustainability issues while improving efficiency and building brand. We work with companies from mid-markets to the Fortune 500 to develop, launch and improve responsibility programs.

To amplify your impact, unthinkable aligns the purpose of your organization (the “why”) with your responsibility program. We design genuine, achievable corporate responsibility strategies, linked to your offerings, that engage external stakeholders and employees. To do this, we review existing programs, and realign them with a clear focus. We connect the dots across strategic philanthropy, your value chain and, where possible, transform business models for zero to positive impact. To clearly articulate outcomes, unthinkable designs a framework and processes to capture the information to tell your story.

We connect like-minded organizations because we believe enterprises and civil society must work together to tackle the unthinkable problems facing the world. We help organizations define and refine joint goals and strategies to solve challenges. We team with your organization and partners to design and align programs into an actionable roadmap. During program execution, we look for opportunities to unlock additional value, bring together cultures in mutual support of goals and mitigate challenges that slow progress.


People, Culture and Organizations

The strength of an organization is a factor of its people.

People are the common element, regardless of the type business, product or services. Bringing individuals together optimally into an organization requires a strong culture, well-defined structures, empowering practices, appropriate group and individual incentives and excellent leadership. Selecting the best model and practices to help your organization grow can be challenging.

unthinkable  brings innovation into an organization with a fresh and creative approach, diverse thinking, business practices and solutions.  We help organizations find their personality and bring authenticity into their culture. Through ‘in-branding’ we align employees with the organization cause and purpose to improve how customers relate to products and services.


Digital Solutions

Designing digital relationships.

unthinkable refines how organizations and communities digitally connect with customers and other entities. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics and the cloud, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and drones, 3D printing and social media platforms are all the buzz. Used effectively, they offer opportunities to reduce operating costs, improve supply chain performance and provide customers a customized product experience. unthinkable designs and launches digital solutions that deliver tangible results.

Taking a human-centered design approach, we research customer needs, develop and test use-cases, prototype and incorporate feedback to improve your design. We connect you with partners who enhance your solution and broaden your reach. When you are ready, unthinkable makes launch day successful. We develop go-to-market plans that drive customer adoption and align your operations to deliver exceptional digital customer experiences.


Products and Services

Creative products and services have soul.

The most successful organizations place their customers’ emotions and journey at the heart of product and service design. They co-create and experiment with internal and external stakeholders in an “agile” way, rapidly testing and iterating their design. Using human-centric design principles and methods, unthinkable helps our clients create products and services that are differentiated and intuitive to use.

unthinkable challenges organizations to develop products and solutions for sustainable and meaningful growth.  This typically requires a multidisciplinary approach beginning with a human-centric view of the customer’s expectations and experience. unthinkable works through each phase, from ideation to market launch, from user experience to interaction, from strategy to technology.



Bringing clarity and speed for launching ventures of any scale.

Founders, creators and innovators readily develop ideas. Bringing the ideas to life can be challenging. unthinkable works with creators in start-ups and innovators driving early stage initiatives in established organizations. We complement the entrepreneurs and free them up to focus on their strengths. unthinkable collaborates closely with start-ups to design customer experiences, refine the product or solution, and design operational and organizational elements required to execute.  With organizations launching a new product or service, unthinkable augments management to introduce independent and diverse thinking and create a culture of innovation. We develop dynamic teams who deliver products to market.

Creators typically have a strong sense of the product or service they are developing. unthinkable complements the development team’s skills with marketing, design, strategy, technology and financial know-how and experience to accent the creators’ vision. unthinkable’s dynamic process provides a framework for certainty, speed, agility, and comprehensiveness.  Through close teaming, we introduce diverse thinking and, where needed, we introduce partners and collaborators who can aid in bringing new businesses, products, and services to market.